Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is a day where the color green is most worn and thought about. The term green is also thought about in our everyday life such as recycling, eco-friendly cars, solar energy, and receiving information through emails instead of actual mails. Yet, have we ever thought of our actual wedding day? Can we really make a difference and be more eco-conscious on our most important day of life? The answer is yes and is becoming more of a trend as years progress. According to huffingtonpost.com, “there are ways and ideas on products and services about how to be more eco-friendly.” (Cindy Pearlman) Greg Reese continues to research on innovative ideas for brides that are more eco-consious and still have fun in creating unique designs.

Greg and Lily spending a Sunday afternoon with some little green fun.

Here are five eco-friendly ideas according to huffingtonpost.com


1. Save Trees with Your Invitation Choice – Try something unique like an electronic invite or website. Even on recycled cotton helps.


2. Pick a Centrally-Located Venue – Finding a venue that takes less driving distance and is centrally located for all guest to save on fuel.


3. Opt for Fresh Local Food and Flowers – Food and flowers are the biggest expense for a wedding. Try finding a caterer that is more regional to where you are getting married. Weather if its in Texas where you will find awesome BBQ or Tex Mex food or great Seafood in Alaska; rest assured that your guest will remember. Same goes to your floral arrangments; try to find a florist who uses regional floral farms in your area. This will not only save you cost wise but will keep flowers fresh and away from pesticides.


4. Consider an Eco-Friendly Gown – There are wedding bridal designers that have once worn or recycled dresses, or if you choose to buy your dress for the first time use you can consider donating your dress for future brides.


5. Give Out Useable Favors – Edible or plants are great eco-friendly favors to be given at your wedding. Let’s not get anything that will be thrown in the trash later.

Greg has a few other ideas to keep the “Green or Eco_Friendly” theme more in your design.


5 Ideas to Think Green


1. Accent Linens – A hint green in your stripe or plad napkins or china is a cute way to include your green theme without overdoing it.


2. Natural style Flowers and Greenery – The simplicity on your flower centerepices is still elegant and timeless.


3. Moss! – Utilizing moss whether you use it as a china place mat or include it in your centerpieces, it can definitely add an eco-friendly earthy tone feel.


4. Vintage Green Bridesmaids Dresses – This creates another opportunity to showcase green in a tasteful way. Make your bridesmaids part of your eco-conscious goal.


5. Something Green High Heels – Why can’t the bride where anything green? Super cute green heels is the cherry to your green day!

Think Green!


Thank you to Alejandro with Galeria Arte for a great photoshoot experience!