Beach Wedding Inspiration

As designers we are always in a creative mood to try something new and use our artistic curves. Its summer time! So we thought of an ocean theme. For fun, we like to challenge ourselves to utilize our inventory to showcase torwards our theme. Each department played a role! Our creative director Greg Reese uses his step by step planning process to ensure that each detail is never missed.

Destination Wedding Planning

Our floral department, Lily Reese Floral Design, we settle using our dolphin decor piece, hints why we called it “The Dolphin Project,” then splashed mixes of ocean blues on our flower choice, hydrangeas. This to represent dolphins swimming in the ocean. For our second flower choice, we chose to use blue delphinims to represent splashes.

Beach Wedding Ideas

Our lighting/drapery department, Reese Production Company, we created a backdrop using our double layered offwhite sheer drapery then color washing it with a aqua color uplighting.

Dolphin Wedding Decor

Our linen department, EBR Linens, we dressed our table with a fun white sequin square linen. We gave a twist of using two toned teal colored napkins. Then we dressed up one of our furniture piece with our teal sequin linen just for kicks. One for dressing the plates while the other for fun using our turtle napkin holder.


Blue and White Wedding

Lastly our rental department, Reese Luxury Rentals, we decided to keep it clean and simple. We used our victorian set: alice chairs, high back victorian chairs, and our victorian bench. To add color for our furniture we added our tealed sequin pillows. We then added our table accessories: ocean themed table matt, shell style chargers, and an ocean themed plates topped with an ocean colored wine and water glasses.

Beautiful Beach Wedding Design

Beach Wedding Ideas

Again, as designers we are always in a creative mood to try something new and use our artistic curves. Enjoy your summer! The Dolphin Project.

Dolphin Themed Event Design

A Special Thank you to Alejandro with Galeria Arte Photography for the initial conceptual design and for the photos!