Winter is gone and Spring has arrived! This means that the warm sun is out and the flowers are booming. “When spring arrives, its time to party!” says creative director Greg Reese. Every spring is the beginning of an incredible wedding season and at this time, spring brides traditionally have their weddings outdoors for either ceremony, reception, or even both. However, from our past experiences we’ve realize that spring can be unpredictable at times. Some days it can be a warm and sunny while other days can be cold and rainy. This is the time of year when the details can really matter. With a little planning and creativity they’re spring wedding essentials that will best prepare you for a successful and memorable event. According to theknot.com, here is a list of a few ideal spring wedding essentials in making the best day of your life a little better.


1. Sunglasses


The day can be sunny. Go outside in style!

2. Makeup Setting Spray


Some spring days can be warmer than others. A makeup setting spray will keep your makeup looking fresh throughout your special day.

3. Umbrella


There is a saying that when it rains on your wedding day that it is sign of good luck. Why not add your luck with an umbrella. It will keep you dry and is a cool prop for a photo opportunity.

4. Cardigan


Winter at times can stick around and so a matching cardigan with your wedding dress will not only keep you warm but will make a fashion statement.

5. Hair Shine Mist


Some spring days can be humid and can be brutal to your hair. Hair shine mist spray will keep your hair firm, fresh, and picture ready.

6. Heel Protectors


Not only is this a necessity but this is pretty cool. For those who absolutely need to wear high heels at a wedding. The heel protectors will keep your feet solid to the ground without sinking into the grass while still looking fashionable.